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For almost 100 years, musicians have been creating and recording jazz music. With such a wealth of albums to choose from, it's difficult to pick the all-time best. Nevertheless, here are ten albums that are fun to listen to, have influenced other musicians, and mark some of the important moments in the evolution of jazz, America's music.  

The secret to making money in the music industry can be boiled down to a simple mantra: think outside the box. The last count (according to Myspace CEO in 2008 Wired Interview) of musician profiles was around 5 million. Even if you took in to consideration dis-banding, fake music profiles, etc, it still gives you an astronomical figure of bands out there trying to do the same thing as you.

Whether you are a musician, start up record label, or other music business, having a plan in writing is a cost-effective, efficient way to map out your future, success and spot potential problems before they occur.

The secret to getting shows, selling CDs, and gaining an audience is a simple, and as difficult as promotion. What separates the platinum albums from the millions of other "unknowns" is the amount of time, money, and energy that has been spent promoting. But fortunately, in the digital age it has become easier, more affordable, and less time consuming for an independent band, record label, or publicist to promote indie bands.

Carlos Santana once said; "music can change your molecular structure". The "Mozart Effect" is a set of research results that indicate that listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music can, in a nutshell, make you smarter. It is, also, believed that early music training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.  

When it comes to selecting wedding music don't assume you are restricted to the wordless sounds of a string quartet, or the almost mournful noise of a church organ. If you love R&B music you'll be pleased to discover that there are romantic R&B songs to suit all of the key moments of your wedding day. There are songs to suit walking down the aisle, your first dance and even a song or two to spice things up later in the night...

Current digital trends in the music industry could be everything from the way we record the song to the media which we put the song on to and even the way we promote the music.   

Ask anyone and they will tell you that music industry has not been successfully employing the Internet.    

Home studio demos have come to be simple affairs with the emergence of digital recording. Anyone with decent musical capabilities and a quiet space can make a presentable home demo.  

Soothing or soaring, tremulous or triumphant, the music that pours from Yo Yo Ma's cello delights and transfixes his audience. The artist refuses to be pigeonholed into one era or style; he is a musical Midas, with each piece that he touches turning to pure gold.

The recording studio is not the place to hammer out your song. So let us start there. Before entering the recording studio you should understand how to chart out your song.    

How do musicians copyright their work?  Well, I am going to give a new perspective on this topic of discussion, because the main reason we are talking about this is to protect your work.  Right?   

Do record executives know a hit song? Do they care to know?  I honestly don’t think they care enough about music  to research the finer points of what makes a hit song.  I guess the question for them would be will it make us money?   

Content Sites ranging from Wikipedia to Reddit, Google and most of the Silicon Valley is up in arms against the SOPA and PIPA Bills.   

Gloomier than Bernanke’s grim forecast for the economy and the prognosis that the U.S. is close to faltering was the news of Steve Jobs Demise.  

The City of Miami Florida is another place in the world where efforts are underway to help the nation of Haiti recover from the earthquake that left it devastated. The hospitals and other places have begun collection efforts to help while the celebrities in the fun capital of the world have contributed with their time.

MOZAYIK Presents

MOZAYIK Presents 10th Anniversary Concert  



Huge earthquake(8.9), many after shocks and tsunami hit Japan. 2000+ dead. Nuclear power plant radiation leak concern mount. China and India will account for 38% of the $4.8 Tr global construction market, which will outpace GDP growth till 2020 Japan donates 17000 tonnes of rice to Mozambique as part of ongoing aid, total accumulating to $150 Mn till now Investors take funds out of emerging economies back to advanced countries; reverse flows of 2008 US Trade Representative accuses Baidu of encouraging sale of pirated goods China to double entertainment industry to $460 Bn by 2016; keen to spread Chinese culture overseas.  India to be world's largest economy by 2050, surpassing Japan in 2015, USA in 2040 and China in 2050       Asian Manufacturing story intact; oil induced inflation the primary threat to growth in 2011            Google building India street level maps from volunteer contributed data, inspired from success in similar work in other Asian countries Chinese steel industry to witness muted growth in 2011, rising ore prices and aggressive global competition pose challenges  Egypt reopens tourism sites; aims to bring back tourists to the Pyramids and other historical sites IATA predicts that Asia will fuel rise in Air Traffic to 3.3 Bn by 2014 and China to lead growth markets for international air traffic China has overtaken Japan as world's second largest economy Changing Demographics, world's largest aging population, low birth rates, deflation and unstable governance push Japan down to third being third largest economy from second largest,


Pakistan Artists urged by industry bigwigs not to act in Indian TV and films. Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has been taken into custody at Delhi airport for carrying un-cleared foreign currency.


Japan witnesses earthquake of 7.3 magnitude; triggers mini tsunami with no reported damage South Korean Govt.websites attacked; no serious damage reported Australia eclipses $20 Bn in African Investment; will bring in more; major new investments in gold exploration in west Africa Shahbaz Bhatti, Christian Pakistan minister, ardent critic of blasphemy laws assassinated in Islamabad                                                                   China takes "Jasmine Revolution" seriously, acts tough on light protests 32000 Chinese citizens evacuated; China to focus on permanent moves, consular protection to avoid local resistance in future                        India sentences 11 to death in train torching case with 50 Hindu Casualties China Netizens join discussion on internet freedom despite government's censorship of content relating to Hillary's call for Internet Freedom China imposes restrictions on potential flat buyers to cool down rising prices in metro Beijing and other areas; initiatives include restricting buyer to only 1 property and mandatory 5 years income tax returns         Egyptian parents return Facebook's gratitude; name newborn daughter as Facebook US warns Pakistan to release its envoy, Raymond Davis arrested on charges of gunning down 2 people UK to continue £1bn Aid to India to alleviate poverty in India Defense Experts predict a war on India by China by 2014 to deflect attention of its citizens from internal issues


China concerned with growing pollution, wants a cleaner growth even if slower. Indian drug regulator bans 3 major medicines, Gatifloxacine, Tesagerod and Deanxit; side effects on patients cited as cause.




Germany becomes Europe's engine by keeping jobs at home; committed to manufacturing even advanced products at home only                 Increasing rises in Energy prices could drive Firms out of Germany 114 Billionaires in Russia owe most wealth to China's demand for raw materials Luxury Boutique shops more vacant than in 2009 due to spending cuts by consumers because of cost consciousness


Google building global disease map from aggregating searches on diseases Russians, Europeans, Argentineans and Australians drink more than Americans do; WHO Report Historic fall in teenage pregnancy rate across UK in 2010 Wales reflects national trend of inevitability in Childhood Obesity; aggressive promotions by food companies and easy availability prime reasons Higher concentration of caffeine in energy drinks poses health risks to youth and children


New Zealand stops searching for survivors, after more than one week of the Feb. 22 earthquake, which recovered a total of 161 bodies American Assassin in Germany was a recent convert to radical  Islam USA cuts Libya's connection with the banking system in USA by freezing $30 Bn in Assets; Russia fully opposed to military intervention via UN; USA pushes NATO Agenda Currently adopted strategy not working in Afghanistan; UK pushes US to talk with Taliban France lays restrictions on Muslims praying in streets; ask them to integrate with the national community Honor killings among immigrants in Finland on the rise Netherlands fares the worst in immigrant integration Women take to the streets in thousands to protest against Silvio Berlusconi's sex behavior Egypt's Mubarak shifts wealth from European banks to Banks in Middle East post Sweden’s freeze of accounts Algeria denies Internet and Facebook access to its citizens to quell unrest US Military Strategy aims to preserve its global dominance


Technology advancements have not helped in breaking 35 year old golf record Spain leads European league's merchandizing sales growth; boom expected to continue for sometime London gears up for 2012 Olympics; 6000 seat Velodrome, cited as "Stunning Venue built for Champions" opened this week France to bid for 2020 Summer Olympics if the 2018 bid for Winter Olympics at Annecy does not take off


Sukhoi PAK FA, Russia's fifth generation jet successfully tested; 1000 aircraft to be developed over next four years.                                                           iPad2 scheduled launch in March reduces prices of iPad1 Only 14% receive advertised broadband speed; Ofcom advises ban on misleading ads By 2045, computer operated machines might become more intelligent than man Nokia Smartphone uses Windows OS after their partnership with Microsoft. University of Georgia study reveals that 500,000 tonnes of hydrocarbons were released into the ocean during the Gulf of Mexico Oil Discharge




According to some economists, the pension funds for state and local workers in the US understate the shortfall by $1.5 trillion or more. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan might disappear without the housing finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, say housing experts. America makes invesment cuts in education, & infrastructure while the developing world increases investments in those areas. Latest unemployment: 8.9%; more than 190K jobs created last month Obama pressures business leaders to increase employment in America The father of "Securitization", Lew Ranieri says that Residential Mortgage backed securities will remerge beyond Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Wisconsin the lead, States try to strip collective bargaining by public sector employees USA averts a shutdown; approves 2 week budget Florida Fire scorches 18000 acres; firemen try to contain spreading further Despite high unemployment and rising food inflation, consumers will drive retail sales up by at least 5%, might touch $3 Trillion Recession effect, housing bust, baby boomers together drive "entrepreneur by necessity" rather than by choice; 28% rise in this segment of entrepreneurs in 2010. USA beseeches global community to enforce tough laws on piracy of online games NYSE- Deutshce Boerse combined entity will be managed by NYSE Team GE increases focus on heavy manufacturing; buys well support division of British energy company, John Wood Group for $2.8 Bn Housing prices fell 5.5% in 2010; stable markets also feeling pinch of decline in real estate; owners renting out and moving to rented properties


College Admission Officers look up Facebook and Twitter Profile. Rutgers University shifts to co-ed dorms after student's suicide Collaboration between teachers and students can boost up them in achieving their goals "Tiger Mom" Chua's parenting shocks Americans but makes parents stare at one stark Reality; Unless American parents restrict choices to children, they will not have  many choices as adults.     Obama is visiting San Francisco area to ask the business community to support creation of jobs and promote education Recession pushes employed people to shore up their skill-sets by taking up part-time courses in Colleges and Universities across the country


Companies to focus on increasing productivity with fewer people; might deploy more cash for buybacks


45 Minutes daytime nap could help reduce blood pressure A study on 185 participants by researchers from the University of New Hampshire and Yale University concludes that material possessions are valued less by people already being loved and accepted by others. Ibuprofen users get added bonus of reducing risk of parkinson's disease USA has 41% of all cocaine users, around 4.8 mn and the largest in the world. IBM Supercomputer to crunch reams of patient data and reveal insights, cutting time and yielding rich diagnosis America's Obese fuel the growth of weight loss industry; industry thriving due to increasing obesity and diabetic rates in USA    Bath Salt can be a harmful drug; Buyers beware of getting drugged Gulf War Female Veterans find transition to civil life hard; growing unemployment fueled by recession begets answers as to whether the military experience added value or not 60% of middle age men face heart attack due to obesity.Want to Live Longer? Smoke less like the immigrants do; Advice to Native Born Americans California leads increasing trend of Hotels becoming smoke free Drug Whistleblowers get rich by $88 Mn each in settlement by Big Pharma; might cause Big Pharma to shell out $1Bn more in upcoming cases


President Obama breaks bread with Jeb Bush on school reform, inviting criticism from pro-public school unions                                             Calls rising  to consider tapping into the U.S Oil reserves, because of the growing oil prices Fewer job openings for Americans; takes 33 weeks for average unemployed worker to get a job in America The Guardian and The New York Times try to defame Wikileaks 19 states with tax laws linked to federal tax laws to lose income, owing to a tax cut for businesses NJ Public sector workers retire earlier in wake of Govt. moves to cut down on pension benefits Obama cuts down on Community Development Funds; Towns to find hard filling even basic social activities like building sidewalk ramps for handicapped people. Church voices support for Unions in Wisconsin; careful not to take direct position Republican spending cuts to destroy 700,000 jobs in USA by 2012 Wisconsin Governor in major budget and labor dispute with state employees Geithner proposes cuts in discretionary spending and tax reforms to rein in budget deficits. Millions being pushed into poverty owing to rising food prices;G20 Paris meeting to discuss steps to encounter this Somali Pirates kill 4 American Hostages, marking the first American citizen death in Pirates hands Canada and Australia best places to live (by Economic Intelligence). The Effects of Bernanke's quantitative easing to affect beyond Tunisia and Egypt; might cause volatility in markets for some more time Higher Revenue, spending cuts and interest payment reductions to drive federal deficit down by $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years


Pentecostal churches increase membership across USA and Canada while protestant churches register decline


The N.F.L. and the players union agreed to extend its collective bargaining agreement deadline, by one day to continue negotiating, in hopes of averting the first work stoppage in the league since players struck in 1987. US Spreads basketball beyond USA; UK to host regular NBA Not Just the cricket world cup, but hockey too is aiming to gain eyeballs as USA gets set to launch the fourth annual China requests US government for a fair deal in the acquisition of 3Leaf Systems by Chinese Huawei Systems Manchester Derby will be the richest game ever played on earth 111 million people watch Superbowl match, setting new records per Nielsen Study NFL Labor Battle discouraging to fans who want the dispute to be settled soon


NASA's most-traveled space shuttle Discovery concluding its last mission. Genuine content owners to get better visibility, owing to Google's change in its search algorithm US Leads the One Billion acreage of Genetically Modified crops; Biotech crops cross 148 million hectares Obama to spend $18 Bn on wireless broadband to achieve 98% connectivity in USA by 2016




Argentina's  biodiesel exports grew up to 1.35Mt  from the 1.18Mt in 2009,while  biodiesel production went up by 60%, according to data released by national statistics bureau.  Brazil is witnessing a boom period with jobs increasing to a record 2.5 Mn new jobs in 2010, almost reaching a period of "full employment"


Cuba to witness resignation of Fidel Castro in the near future as part of a apparent continuing natural transition over the years to his brother Raul                    Mexican killing of US Immigration agent traced back to Texas; drug cartels becoming big menace to mexico and USA  Maintaining the same growth pace of 4%, Colombia would be among the world's largest 30 economies by 2050  China proposes to invest $7.6Bn  in Colombian Railway to create an alternative Atlantic to Pacific Shipping Route 


Star Striker Ronaldo to retire from Football, owing to health issues Brazil wins South American under 20 championships, thus qualifying itself for the 2012 London Olympics




Saudi Arabia turns  to Saudi Aramco to ring in stability, in wake of global turmoil Global Pressure on unrelenting Gaddafi to quit; UNHRC suspends Libya; Canada imposes sanctions  President Saleh faces increasing protests in Sanaa; Saleh blames US and Israel for the unrest                    Saudi forced to hit reform button; King orders permanent jobs for citizens Oman follows other Arab Kings; 50,000 jobs offered to citizens Rising Food Inflation primary cause for unrest in Middle East and Africa Iran repels rebellions and inspired protests;mounts pressure on opposition supporters Demographics trends analysis reveal that significant educated, connected youth population with unrest have always posed challenges and fueled revolutions in the past 30 years Iran displays strength in post Mubarak regime; sends pair of warships toward the Suez Canal, with new Egyptian regime's permission Iranian Hackers hack Voice of America and websites in other Arabic languages including Azeri, Dari, Pashtun, and Urdu. Iranian President predicts a "Middle East" without interference of Israel and United States Iran acts to quell Internal Opposition by denying permission for rally and increasing security across the country Iran continues production of Uranium steadily, raising IAEA's concerns over the usage of the same