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Sunday, 16 October 2011 00:00

Written by Chrystina Trulove

There are people who have a lot of influence on those around them. They influence people, policies, and thoughts by their actions and beliefs. Many influential people are not even recognized on a regular basis. This list represents the people that have a lot of influence on people.  

5. The Rich

Money is power in most nations. There is an old saying that fits in here: “He who holds the money makes the rules.” Money can effect change for good or bad. If the rich back a certain political party, the party will therefore be able to reach a broader audience than those who have no money to back them. Money can pay for laws, or even pay to break such laws if the right people are known. For example: Think of the issue with Paris Hilton, a few years ago. If she had no backing from her rich parents, she would have been punished appropriately according to the laws that rule the rest of the population.

4. Politicians

Politicians are supposed to be the voice of the people, which gives them power over their area. That power allows them to affect change. They vote, on behalf of the people, on laws and policies that may change the way regular citizens live their lives. The laws that are voted ‘important’ are then put to the people, to have a final say.

3. The President or Ruling Party

The President in America is the voice and face of the American Nation. A President can affect change by their voices, thoughts, and actions. People look up to them, or down on them and often follow (or do the opposite) of what this leader promotes. By their actions, citizens then choose which way they want to ‘lean’.

2. Teachers

While politics have a huge influence on citizens lives, teachers and teachings have more influence on individuals. A teacher can help students to grow mentally and emotionally. Teachers have a huge impact on children, especially. However, Professors can have an impact on adults and the way that they see the world.

1. Parents

Possibly the most influential people in the world are the parents. Parents are there to guide children by their actions. Babies begin to learn from the moment of birth, about the world around them. The guides are the parents. What the parents do, children are likely to duplicate. Therefore, the most powerful and influential people, from the moment of birth, are parents.

Many people have influence over others. Their actions and thoughts have impact on others. Even strangers on the street will have some form of influence on those around them. It is important to not forget that power, even if you don’t feel like you are that important; you are important to someone.



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