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Saturday, 29 October 2011 00:00

Written by Uma Desu

Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations predicted tensions in countries within and inter-regional because of the clash between ideology and cultural identity. 

As Internet and Satellite TV made the world smaller since the 90's, it also helped dub western civilization as the standard and global cultural trends emerged from western trends. The growth of one nation is dependent on the other and hence care is being taken by the global community not to let any country fail. 

Despite this, economic prosperity, demographic changes and higher educational levels gave rise to national assertion and the quest for a unique identity distint from the western world. In this quest, countries have gone back to the values that guided their ancestors and hence countries and religions started asserting their cultural identity. Radical elements in the religions believing in their religion's sovereignty have wreaked havoc in the society's social fabric be it India or in Europe or in USA. 

A recent report has projected Muslim population to reach 26.4% of global population by 2030. The report has allayed concerns over Europe becoming a Eurabia but still islam will remain a sizeable minority in Europe, forcing the governments to remain secular which is what is stoking the current cultural fabric in most countries.

France’s law banning Burkha is reflecting of the intolerance, more stoked by acts of Terrorism committed by Radical Islam Elements who in turn blame western interference in their countries as the cause for their “Jihad” or Holy Battle.

Governments are going to find it difficult to maintain secularism amidst pressure from nationalists who demand assimilation into the local culture against the minority’s steadfastness to maintain their own cultural identity.  That is the core reason that this century might witness the clash of civilizations in a larger form, a war that might engulf all civilizations.


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