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Sunday, 04 March 2012 23:46

Written by Uma Desu

Judicial Activism across the globe is giving rise to hope for those who had given up on it.    

Supreme Court Judges in many countries today are passing landmark judgments to remove the rot in the Governance and Corrupt Society.

In the Capitalist Democracy of USA, Attorney Generals have wrangled a $25 Bn mortgage settlement with large banks.  Banking regulators as well have been trying hard to ensure that another recession doesn’t get created due to failures in banking system. 

In Pakistan, by censuring the prime minister for not pursuing allegations against the president, the Supreme Court judges have proved that no one can be above the law.

In India, Supreme Court cancelled 122 licenses in the 2G Scam which is estimated to have cost the exchequer nearly $20 Bn loss.  Kerala High Court is taking to trial Italian Marines accused of killing Indian Fishermen.  

The Supreme Court has also passed landmark judgments and is pursuing corruption cases of politicians across the country.  In the past 2 years under Mr.Kapadia, the Supreme Court has been single handedly responsible for instilling confidence in the common man that no one can be greater than the law.

This gives hope to the common man that an Independent Judiciary can still stem the corruption that is so visibly present in the capitalist-political setup ruling the countries across the globe.    


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