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Thursday, 19 July 2012 00:00

Written by Gen321 Staff

Declining US Proficiency in Sciences 

While educated graduates struggle for employment, more disturbing report from the Nation's Report card came in this week. The report said that only 1 in every 100 students in USA excelled in science. With the president exhorting the country to study more and get more innovative to withstand the threat from China and India who have rapidly growing educated population, the fact that less than a third of students reach only grade level proficiency is disturbing to the Nation's educators.

Parents averred that students need to get a grip in Sciences to lead the Nation ahead. Though some educators feel that the report card tests only memorizing skills and not analytical skills, the report which tested 160,000 fourth graders, 150,000 eighth graders and 11,000 twelfth graders, expressed concern that the next generation will not be ready to be world-class inventors, doctors, and engineers. 

Parents stressed on the need for strong foundation in sciences and math since they believe that this will make them skilled to pursue several areas in employment. Ethnically, the gap between white and black students was around 36 pts in grades 4 and 8.  Male students scored higher on average than female students and it was also noted that urban students scored less than semi-urban and rural students.


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