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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 00:00

Written by Uma Desu

Another Indian Student murdered in Australia. The number of hate killings has been rising in Australia particularly targeted at Indian Students.  

Last year, there were several attacks on Indian Students and it was thought that it had stopped after government interventions. The latest murder fuels the debate as to why Indians are alone being picked for attacks. There are around 100,000 students from India out of a total 600,000 students. Australia had witnessed a drop of 35% in Indian Students Arrivals this year post the attacks.

The attacks on Indians motivated by racial reasons started in 2008 and continued through 2009. Australia government however says that Indian Students are the most happiest with their experience studying in Australia.

Multiculturalism is a hot global topic today since it is creating conflicts in every country.  The social chaos it creates is more because the incumbent culture tries to retain its own identity and refuses to gel in with the host culture. In Indian student’s cases, it was mostly because they were easy targets working in petrol bunks in late nights, etc., Though in this case, there might not be any racist angle, other cases last year occurred primarily due to local’s frustration at a declining economy and Indians taking up even the easy jobs in petrol bunks, etc., These are the main reasons which are not written about in the press to avoid discussion about those topics.

The huge anti-outsourcing cry in the U.S. is primarily because of the same reasons. Jobs in America need to be done by Americans. Just because someone can do it cheaper does not mean that jobs should be sent out.  There is wide spread resentment against Indians and Chinese who are brought in to replace American citizens in their jobs in the US.


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