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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 00:00

Written by Jane Grimshaw

Modern technology has enabled society to put a global perspective on just about every area of their lives, and this includes medical care.
People are no longer restricted to relying on medical insurance when they require surgery or treatment, nor are they obligated to stay in their own country to receive it. Thanks to the advent of medical tourism (also known as global healthcare) anyone who wishes to travel to another country of their choice to receive quality medical treatment is now able to do so.
The medical tourism industry is a booming business and is growing all the time, as more and more people are opting for faster and cheaper alternatives to conventional healthcare in their own countries. The majority of patients are Westerners, who would otherwise face huge costs or long waiting times for medical care. Medical tourism offers so much more than treatments, as all-inclusive vacation packages are also available. These packages enable the patient to enjoy a relaxing vacation after their surgery, so that they can recuperate in style.
You can choose to have your treatment in a variety of different countries, but India is the leading country in this industry - closely followed by Thailand and Malaysia. The hospitals offered are more like 5-star hotels than hospitals, assuring that your stay there will be very comfortable indeed. Cosmetic surgery and dentistry are extremely popular choices for medical tourists, but cardiac surgery and hip and knee replacement operations are also becoming firm favourites.
The cost of treatment can vary depending on the medical procedure and the location. A medical tourism vacation could cost you as little as 10 per cent of what it would cost you in your own country. A heart valve operation in the United States, for example, could cost in the region of $100,000 dollars, but in a developing country like India this could cost under $10,000. Travelling to another country for treatment may also give you the opportunity to receive treatment that might not be available to you in your own country, allowing you to explore a variety of other treatment options.
Medical tourism obviously has many advantages, but there are one or two disadvantages which you need to be aware of, such as possible legal problems. Most hospitals and clinics should be covered against any medical malpractice, but you will need to check this out beforehand. Even if you are insured, you could still face a very lengthy legal process if anything did go badly wrong.
When medical tourism first took off its main focus was on the cosmetic surgery industry and insurance outside your own country wasn’t a major factor since elective procedures are not generally covered. Life-saving surgery, on the other hand, is completely different and you would need to ensure that you had adequate insurance coverage for the duration of your stay. It is also strongly recommended that you don’t travel alone for any major surgery since you may be a long way from family and friends, but bear in mind that this would effectively double your flight and reservation costs.
If you’re not sure where to begin your medical journey, then why not visit who will point you in the right direction by helping you to find a location and a hotel, get a quote for your required treatment and much more.

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