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Monday, 17 September 2012 00:00

Written by David Samuel

Current digital trends in the music industry could be everything from the way we record the song to the media which we put the song on to and even the way we promote the music.   

Because of the digital age we live in multimedia is now the norm.  The trend is to DIY as opposed to finding a label to scoop you up as in the days of past.

On account of this digital technology available to the consumer, everyone has the tools within reach to record and produce their own album the way they envisioned it from the start.  No longer do you have to wait for some fancy studio to allow you in the front door.

After you have recorded your cd baby from your living room couch all while drinking a case of Mountain Dew it’s now time to promote this thing by yourself.  Build your own website with digital downloads available with a digital sign-up sheet for your mailing list.

 After the site is built go and get some fans through Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace.  Follow this up by submitting your mp3s to all these podcast stations that are excited to receive your indie music.

After you have done all this use that digital phone of yours to keep connected with your fans through apps.  After you have your loyal following jazzed up about that new release of yours, start booking your own tour with that powerful little computer in your hand.

 Point the venues to your digital website and digital press kit online and try and save a dime by telling them to jump on the latest digital trends in the music industry.  Save a tree and go digital.  That was so yesterday in regards to an 8x10 glossy and a demo CD.  No one sends hard copies anymore?  Do they?

After you have booked that tour don’t forget to take advantage of the other cool features on that digital monster you hold to your ear and text all your friends with by taking some cool footage of your road trip and a live performance of your band rocking at the club.

Post all of this on YouTube and tell your story of how you made it famous with all the cool media outlets available to the indie artist these days.  Then fire off one more text or tweet or write on your wall and have the fans all download your hot single from iTunes at once so your song soars to the top of iTunes top downloads.

Here is to a new matrix for the independent musician.  I am looking forward to seeing a live stream of your next performance through my iphone.


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