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Friday, 20 July 2012 00:00

Written by Edward Matthews

Ask anyone and they will tell you that music industry has not been successfully employing the Internet.    

Many companies have been able to use the virtual world to great advantage, but it seems like the online bus has left those creating music in the cold.  What should they do about it?


The RIAA has lost sight of the big picture.  If they can’t sell music, they do not have a business.  The Internet is the perfect place for them to promote new music and to expand new models of music delivery.  If they spent one tenth of the money promoting music online that they have spent on legal battles they would be wondering why they were even going to court in the first place.  The music industry should be pushing their products on Facebook and other major sites, and offering free incentives to get people excited about what they have to offer.

Content Delivery

Instead of attacking every network they can find that is sharing music, they should focus on capitalizing on these innovative methods of content delivery.  Digital delivery is working successfully in many other areas, so they should focus on how they can make these systems work for them.  By offering content at a reasonable price with fair use licensing, they will be able to sell music to people who are currently only interested in illegally downloading.

Remove Controls

It should be evident at this point that digital controls only impact people that are legitimately trying to use a product.  Regardless of how secure the method is, some crack team is going to rip through whatever digital protection is included in less than a day, and then they will upload the content worldwide.  Meanwhile, the legitimate purchasers of products are unable to move their song from their computer to their MP3 player without taking cumbersome steps.

Often, consumers will download a ripped version of a product they already own just to have something than can easily transfer between devices.  After enough of this anguish some people decide there is no point in purchasing a product with so many hassles and they resort to illegal downloading.  Making the product easy to use will make consumers ready to purchase.

These are a few of the items the music industry needs to address so that they can be successful on the Internet.  It seems unlikely that they will end their trend of suing individuals left and right in an effort to make illegal downloading feared, but maybe they will come around before their entire industry goes bankrupt.


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