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Monday, 19 March 2012 00:00

Written by Andrea Theisson

Bootstraps and Jump-starts. Take it from artists, you can pull your act together at any time.  

There is much to learn from the challenges of stalling mid- vision. We all relate to this situation.  Remember,  humans are programmed to respond to the distractions of life, prioritizing immediate needs over more lofty goals.  Then, somewhere in the doldrums of daily life, we realize that the undercurrent of ambition is still there, waiting to surface.  How to be ready, channel this power-surge, and keep it flowing are skills you can master.

Sometimes our brain is highjacked, we get depressed, but we know we want to move on.  Creativity can help.  Take time alone and think about where you are at this point in your life.  Let the reality of what has sidetracked you sink in.  Now, remember why you wanted this dream. What makes you desire this?   What skills would be maximized ?  What is your ultimate vision?  Expand on this. See it in your mind.  Clip images that remind you of this and pin them up; on your bulletin board, the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror.  Immerse yourself in this idea.

Now, take time out again.  Attention is a limited resource. You must free yourself to achieve creativity.  Go dancing, or turn up Bach or Vivaldi. Look at cartoons, watch funny movies.  Open yourself to an AHA moment.  You must let loose to feel the pulse of life.  Allow your  energy to come forth.  Multi-cultural traditions such as Tachism (a Japanese art form featuring the gesture), Expressionism, Stream-of-Consciousness, Feng Shui, Aboriginal walkabouts, Meditation, Yoga, Gestalt and even Performance Art can trigger the spark that will re-charge your batteries.  A brisk walk or run is good. Un-focus your mind and just be there.

You will start to feel more energized.  You have a goal, a dream.  The raison d’etre will excite you.  You will notice others who are doing what you imagine.  Synchronicity will kick-in.  You will meet and talk to people who can help you.  You are connecting the dots.  People will notice your new electricity.  This kind of human energy is powerful and contagious.  It is like a spiral that builds up, and then you give it a direction.  You can do it.

Visualizing your goal, make a list of steps to take.  Just start with one move a week.  Or try one a day.  Do what is doable.  It may simply be reading about your goal, or planning a trip to explore the venue.  Do research.  Knowledge is empowering.  Make a phone call, send an e-mail, bookmark a website.  Get started.  You will build up speed.

We have been blocked in our ability to sense the creative tension in our lives.  Culture has suppressed us from schooldays onward. Yet, the human spirit is dynamic and hard to kill.  Intuit your potential.  Trust your subconscious.  Cultivate your own flow state, and follow those sparks.  Here’s a reading list to get you tuned-into your creative power:

Creativity  (Mihaly Csikszentimihayi)

It’s All in Your Head; a Guide to Understanding Your Brain and Boosting Your Brain Power  (Susan L. Barrett)

The Cultural Creatives;  How 50 Million People Are Changing the World (Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson)

The Artists’ Way series (Julia Cameron)

Thunder and Lightning:  Cracking Open the Writer’s Craft (Natalie Goldberg)

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci (Michael Gelb)


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