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Monday, 13 August 2012 19:45

Written by Uma Desu

American Exceptionalism is vivid. The prevailing idea here is that you can do and accomplish whatever you set your mind to. President Obama in 2008 was the exclamation point on that value system.

I really think that motivational speakers/teachers like Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Zig Zigler, Peter Sange, Joel Osteen should be National Icons. This is where one uncovers the internal mapping for the "how-to" path from where you are to where you want to get to. "You become what your THINK about". This is the secret to American Exceptionalism.

The going is never easy. Ask President Obama. A leading Republican Senator says his prime directive from inauguration day was to see to it that President Obama is a one term president. Strange! Revealing!

In America there is always a way. The current reality is dynamic. Get your head around your macro context. See the interconnectedness between each daily step and the destination. Often you will bump into friends along the way. Be unstoppable.

If you ask me, anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes -- cross a desert, jump over a tall fence, sacrifice leaving loved ones behind, work hard, do no evil, start a business -- should be given an Olympic gold medal and be welcomed with open arms in this country. New energy! New drive!

Mitt Romney enunciates narrow, harmful and regrettable vision of immigration.

Military restraint seems not to be his strong suit either. These insights about a presidential candidate is "disconcerting".

America is exceptional. Like President Obama said yesterday in Chicago "You can make it if you try!". Diversity begins with all immigrants currently in America. American Exceptionalim includes embracing all immigrants.


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