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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 00:00

Written by Rob Purifoy

Life is as fair as you make it and is subjective to the person percieving his own life and what life has dealt.  

In my theory two words relate to this topic of fairness of life and life in general, but are not limited to such. Those two words for which I speak of are destiny and fate. Destiny is what we actively do to make things happen in our lives. Debatably, fate consists of events that happen beyond our control. We have all experienced and seen events that are acts of "just happening". Examples of this include plane crashes, car wrecks, cancer, disease or a simple freak accident, all pertaining to fate. Things happen that we do not and can not control and as we go through life we don't go around worrying about the "what if's", or if we do, we shouldn't.

There is no "fairness" in life and the ones thinking they deserve fairness are the ones that will likely never see it. In truth, life is within how we see it and what we make of a given situation. We should see adversity as a learning experience and not something unfair toward us. The price of gas can be seen as unfair or an injustice imposed upon us when we do not deserve it can be seen as unfair but this is life.

As I look at my life I see that some of my work has gone unrewarded and un-apprectiated but these things serve to give me a life lesson. When I say the word lesson it does not mean I will necessarily change what my good intentions were, or are, but rather the way I look at the outcome. If we choose to seek dissapointment from our actions, we will find it. Rather we should look at our daily actions as if we are giving our energy, time or effort without expectation of any return from another. Let me explain what I mean by this, because we all want a payoff of some sort from the action of giving of ourselves, this is where it get's interesting.

It is important to understand at the onset of any action in life what the payoff of your actions will be. If you do the discovery up front of what the other person wants and what you want as the outcome you will set the plan in motion and thusly set your destiny to the situation. When I use the term destiny I only mean it as the outcome of what is happening in the short term, not the fantasy destiny some may think of.

In short of writing a book on this, life is what you make of it, and I'll stop short of what Forrest Gump's Mom said. In short, there is no "fair", it's what you want it to be.


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