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Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:00

Written by A. E. Vega

Everyday I'm reminded that life is too short and that it's full of countless possibilities.   

Unfortunately, too many of us are so caught up in listening to our fears that we pay little to no attention to that still small voice inside of us that's continuously trying to persuade us that we really do have everything that it takes to be great. We all possess itintuition; a mechanism placed inside of us to guide and direct us onto bigger and better things, but that we zone out because we allow our fears to speak so loud within us that we can't hear anything else.

A song writer who's really good, but that settles for playing his guitar and singing his songs for the local community; a writer who completes her manuscript and places it in the far back end of a drawer rather than send it to publishers; an architect who dreams of making it big in the industry, but who does nothing to place herself in the right environment; a man who doesn't want to end up alone, but who doesn't open himself up to love and be loved? What do these people have in common? Is it a feeling of being stuck; of not knowing where to turn to or begin? Is it a strong belief that no matter what they do, they're not going to make it anyway, so why bother? Is it a feeling of security; that if they remain within their comfort zones, they won't have to face rejection? Or is it an internal belief that they're not good enough to succeed? Whatever the reason is, more than 90% of the time it is rooted in fear.

Fear was built into us as a defense mechanism to help us, not to cripple us. It is completely natural and is designed to help us recognize and respond to dangerous situations and threats. Fear can be our greatest ally, but it can also be our greatest enemy. It becomes our greatest enemy when we allow it to dictate in which direction our lives will go and when we allow it to limit our level of greatness.

First, let's get something established here. If you are dreaming about something big, it is only because you were destined for greatness. You are a part of a huge master plan, and in that plan you were uniquely equipped to fulfill a part that no one else can fulfill. Your dreams, hopes and aspirations are your intuition plugged into the greater plan prompting you to fall into place. Your lack of satisfaction, feelings of restlessness and defeat, lack of contentment and continued search for purpose is your intuition warning you that you're not falling into place; that you need to step outside of the box and follow the flow to your destiny.

Second, if you are letting the voices from your past, be it negative childhood experiences, bad relationships, and so on (you will know that you are letting them in if you feel stuck, don't believe in yourself, and if you are afraid to step out of the box), it is time to serve them a huge eviction notice. Examine what you believe about yourself in light of the facts. Do your thoughts about yourself match up against your abilities, skills, talents, and gifts? Is that small still voice inside of you still prompting you to move forward despite what you believe about yourself? If it is, then you don't believe the truth about yourself, because the only real truth about you is that no matter what station in life you are in today, no matter how much you think you will fail, no matter how unworthy you feel, you are destined for greatness, and there is no other way for you to go but up.

Greatness is your only destiny, but you have to fight the battle of the mind and win to get there. You truly are what you think you are, and you accomplish in life only what you think you can accomplish, so believe in you and step out and up! You can do it because everything you need is already there. It's inside of you behind the clutter of negativity and the voices from your past that don't want you to succeed. Are you going to let them win, or are you going to take your power back and send them packing?

Your still small voice is fulfilling its mission. It is calling you to fulfill your part in the master plan, and for that you have to believe in yourself enough to leave the fear that's crippling you behind. Once you serve the negative voices that huge eviction notice and shut them out never to be heard again, believe and step out. Flow will meet you there and will propel you to your destiny.

Always remember that success is not defined by the amount of money you have or possessions you own. It is defined by your ability to believe in yourself enough to get up, step out, and dance your way to greatness.

Here's to your success. May you plug into the master plan and be the only thing you were designed to be-great!


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