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Friday, 09 December 2011 00:00

Written by Elisabeth Mcgrath

We are all in need of healing at one time or another. We usually reach out to loved ones or friends when this happens. Becoming a healing influence does not involve training or acquiring professional skills.   

There are many ways that we can offer a healing presence from a level which begins in our hearts. 

  • Responsiveness 

Conflicts, losses, abuse and unfulfilled dreams plant memories in our brains. The resulting pain can affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes all that is needed to respond to another’s need is to offer a kind word or to send a sympathetic eye-message. Listening without judgment to an individual’s damaging recollections can start that person on a healing journey and closure. 

  • Non-discrimination 

One of the main principles of healing is the requirement of equality. Our attitudes should not be restricted by differences in faith or life-style, ethnicity, gender or social status. All people in need of healing are worthy of our compassion. They are all deserving of respect and to be treated with dignity. 

  • Responsibility 

As a civilized society, we all share the burden of caring for each other. While we do not all have medical or other professional qualifications, we can live our lives as a healing presence. We can make this a practice in the home, the neighborhood and at our place of work. All our community environments benefit where healing flows. 

  • Commitment 

To be effective healers we need to be grounded in a belief in an external or higher power.  We need to cultivate spiritual awareness and a sense of connection between ourselves and the rest of humanity.  In this way, we open doors to healing properties that help us with our own difficulties which then allows us to forward that healing onto others. 

  • Perspective 

Our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits are all connected. Healing in all these areas of our existence rely on the common good health of each. Offering a healing response to a troubled person can open a gateway of exploration leading to other avenues of complete and healthy restoration. 

  • Personal qualities 

A healing principle can start with our own natures and characteristics. Qualities that allow healing to take place include love, compassion and a social conscience that obliges us to care for our fellow-man. 


The tone for a healing experience can be set by a warm word, a caring look or a silent nod from someone who understands and cares. 


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