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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 00:00

Written by Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

Brazil is the nation that is most associated with football [soccer] to the point that it is part of the national fabric. Ever since the beginning of the World Cup, Brazil has participated and won some of the World Cups. Brazil was also the host of one of the World Cups. Brazil is associated with players such as Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Roberto Carlos as well as clubs such as Vasco Da Gama.  

The international dominance of Brazil's National Football [Soccer] Team is based on many factors beside the rich history and the fact that Football [Soccer] runs through the veins of the country. Brazil is a country where there is a discipline, and art, and the tenacity in football [soccer] that is not apparent in certain countries and in which countries such as the United States [which is beginning to become proactive in football [soccer] is learning and should learn.

Another aspect in the international dominance of Brazil in Football [Soccer] lies in the fact that the football [soccer] players have been tried and tested in the international arena many times in front of powerhouses such as Argentina, Germany, and Great Britain. The desire to learn from Brazil and the fact that it is one of the principal players in international football [soccer] lies in the fact that the South African Football [Soccer] Team has chosen a Brazilian to lead their team towards victory in nthe 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa. Ronaldo before his accident has carried the banner of Brazil while playing in England and for the Croatian National Team.

The international dominance of Brazil occurs off the field with its participation in humanitarian gestures and in the promotion of football [soccer] in the areas that are underedeveloped like certain areas of cities where there would not have been opportunities if it were not for football [soccer]. Who cannot forget how Brazil was able to help Angola and Mozambique organize their international football [soccer] teams after years of civil war in these two countries. [It should be noted that I received the information about the Brazilian National Football [Soccer] Team helping Angola and Mozambique from a special programme broadcast by Angolan National Radio and Radio Mozambique on my Shortwave Radio in 1995 long before the advent of the internet].

Brazil in football [soccer] is a country that cannot be underestimated and is a power to be reckoned for a long time. My best wishes for Brazil and its national football [soccer] team.


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