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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

Written by Matthew Adams

The game of soccer is a sport loved by many. A sport that England first established has since become the most widely played team sport. At both club and national level, the sport has provided a great spectacle for fans and spectators.    

Overall, the sport of soccer has great appeal. In most games there are at least a few goals which provide moments of celebration for at least one of the teams' supporters. Although most games only have a few goals, there can always be chances for teams to score. Great and exciting games always brings supporters back whether their teams win or lose.

Today, the top soccer championships have emerged as some of the foremost sport events. The Fifa World Cup is a good example, and is soccer's top event played between the best national teams in the world. Dating back to the 1930s this soccer event has become a great sporting spectacle, and now includes 32 national teams in the finals.

The best World Cups have had some great games and teams. Such teams as Hungary in the 50s', and Brazil, have played some fantastic soccer in the World Cup. So, the World Cup has a great history and gained many fans.

In the World Cup soccer has united countries and even continents. Consider Spain's recent victory in the 2010 soccer World Cup. Spain is divided with the semi-autonomous Catalonia, however in the World Cup such divisions were forgotten as Spain celebrated victory for a team with players across Spain including Catalonia.

Then, the Africans also supported other African teams in the 2010 soccer World Cup. Most notable was Ghana whose run to the qtr-finals gained the support of Africa. Suddenly, they were not just Ghana's team, but Africa's team in the knock-out stages.

At club level soccer does not always unite, but the club game remains loved. In cups such as the FA Cup smaller and bigger clubs can meet in the third-round of the FA Cup. The so-called magic of the cup can see some of the giants beaten by teams from lower leagues. And here is another great thing about the game of soccer, the potential for upsets in a sport that is not always predictable.

So, for all this soccer is a great sport. Certainly, soccer may have some critics. However, it remains a team sport cherished by many, and as Pele said: “the beautiful game.”


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