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Thursday, 05 May 2011 13:17

Written by Matthew Adams

The possibility of an English club winning a European trophy in 2011 

No English clubs have won European trophies in the last two seasons. For the 'best league in the world' this may not be good enough. However, in 2011 there may be a good chance for a Premiership club to win a Uefa football trophy.  

Let us first begin by considering those Premiership teams in the Champions League. There are four English clubs in the Champions League, so statistically at least an English club is more likely to win this than the Europa League which no English team has won recently. To date, the English teams have been playing very well in the Champions League so far this season.

Arsenal especially have made a mockery of their group. In the three Champions League matches played they have scored 14 goals and conceded two! With 9 points from three games they are certain to progress into the knock-out stage. Admittedly, some may say their group has weaker teams, but Arsenal's average scoring record of almost 5 goals a game is still very impressive. With the likes of Fabregas in great form, they are an English team that could reach the late stages of the Champions League. If luck of the draw gives further easy ties then who knows, they could win the Champions League trophy.

Chelsea's form has almost been as good in their Champions League matches. They top their group with 9 points, and so like Arsenal have almost progressed to the 2nd round. Overall, as Premiership champions they are probably the favourite English team to win the Champions League as their form in the Premiership remains the best.

Man Utd have not quite dominated their group, but they are top with 7 points on the board. They still need a few more points to be sure of progress, but at any rate with both Rangers and Valencia the group has some stronger teams. However, the Rooney saga may put a dent in their European Cup football and the Premiership may be top priority.

Tottenham's Champions League matches have been fairly encouraging also. Unlike the others they may not top their group, but are currently second. As such, current form has been good enough to bring progress into the 2nd round. However, weaknesses displayed against Inter Milan have demonstrated that Tottenham may not be good enough win the Champions League trophy.

In the Europa League Liverpool and Man City wave the Premiership flag. Their form too has been encouraging enough as they both top their respective groups. Man City have seven points from nine games, and with the quality in their team are surely among the favourites to win the Europa League.

Liverpool are Liverpool, and even if this may not be the best Liverpool team ever the Reds are no fools when it comes to Uefa football. Realistically, Liverpool will not win the Premiership this season and so the Europa League may be their best chance of a trophy. An away draw in Napoli keeps them top of their own group with 5 points, and they too look well placed to progress to the next round.

So, with just one game lost in Europe so far this season English teams are playing well in both the Europa and Champions League. Most of the English teams could remain in both up to the late stages, so there is good possibility that one English team could win a European trophy. Overall, Chelsea and Man City can be considered the most likely potential winners of European trophies in 2011.

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