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Thursday, 12 July 2012 00:00

Written by Rachelle de Bretagne

Short hair can be every bit as cute and stylish as long hair, though sometimes it takes a little more effort and styling. The basic cut will determine the overall shape of the style itself, though the day to day styling of your hair makes the world of difference. This article covers the different styles which can be cut for short hair, and helps the reader through the different dilemmas these pose for day to day styling into a cute look.

*Cut styles.

*Getting more body.

*Adding color without dyeing.

*Adding shine.

*Adding some curl.

*Making the hair sweep under.

Cut styles.

There are various styles which can be chosen at the hairdressing salon for short hair, though do ask to see pictures, and when looking at these decide which style would suit the shape of your face. One of the cutest looking actresses was Demi Moore in Ghost, and her hair was cut into an extremely boyish style, though not every woman can carry this kind of style. Layering should take account of the face shape, and short hair styles can emphasize the neck area of the wearer, so if you have a particularly nicely shaped neck, show it off, by having a style which graces the neckline. The fashion at this moment in Europe is to have one side of the hair longer at the front, the line of the style sweeping in a downward direction from short cut hair at the back. It's a cute business look, though the beginning of understanding how to make your short hair look stylish is getting the style which is right for your facial shape.

Getting more body.

Lank hair with no body never looks cute. To get more body into your hair, try styling mousse. One small blob of mousse, rubbed into the hair before drying helps to give the hair that thickness and healthy bounce. Dry the hair by placing the brush under the layers of the hair while drying as this tends to lift the look.

Adding color without dyeing.

Hair extensions are extremely cute, and these can be simple clip in extensions bought in a beauty store. Add a flash of color for that party night out. These come in many shades, and that one streak of hair in another color can indeed look very cute indeed and not break the bank.

Adding shine.

If you want your hair to look glitzy, use the method above for drying the style, giving it extra lift and body, and then use a glitter spray. This looks very good on dark hair, and is a great cute look for those partying or going out in the evening. For the day, a simple shine product in a spray helps to give the color a lift, which is also quite nice, and adds to a dull look.

Adding some curl.

Some people's hair needs a little help to keep a style. If you use curling tongs, ensure that you either use ones which have a stream of vapor to protect the hair from drying out, or that you condition your hair so that it is always kept in tip top condition. Part the hair with a comb, and curl each section of hair. Using mousse sometimes helps stubborn hair, but the overall look when brushed out is a bouncy style.

Making the hair sweep under.

Many short styles depend upon the hair being swept under to keep it in style. The way to achieve this is to brush from under the hair while drying and rotating the brush as you style your hair in a downward motion. Once you get accustomed to doing this, the status of your style is assured. The hardest part of styling the hair in this manner is that often people forget that the back of the style must also be curled under with the brush.

Short hair can indeed look both cute and stylish. Looking back over the course of fashion history to as far back as the sixties, the styles popularized by Twiggy worldwide are still vibrant and alive in this day and age. Of course, the methods of achieving those styles have changed, and the cutting styles may have been updated, though the idea of cute and stylish short hairstyles can be seen on any catwalk as a testament of the possibilities available to those opting for shorter cuts.


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