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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 00:00

Written by Jacqueline Carlisle

Style comes from knowing who you and what looks best for your body type. Elegant tailoring will always look better than poorly made garments. Cheap materials, coupled with poor craftsmanship can look okay on someone who has a gamine figure but on the average person the lack of quality will be very obvious.

Don't where huge labels displaying designers' names unless you can look more like an editorial than tabloid filler. Kate Moss and followers of Kate Moss can get away with this look, as they will rock it out. Whether it is a bag, shoes or a t-shirt your choice of weapon will speak volumes.

Invest in hats; they're a great signature piece. If you have beautiful eyes, lips or a wonderful smile, hats will play up these features they'll automatically draw the viewer to the face and beyond.

You cannot put a foot wrong (pun intended) by wearing beautiful shoes and carrying a great bag. A pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a great bag and shoes makes a far stronger statement, the larger the bag the better.

Lastly invest in a beautiful large pair of sunglasses. The accessories market is not slowing down; sunglasses have played a pivotal role in revenue for many of the prestigious design houses, Christian Dior owes 40% of their profits to accessories. The cheaper ones look striking but they aren't made with the same high grade materials and often create ill fitting and heaviness, they will not last as long as well made sunglasses.


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