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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 00:00

Written by S.E. Jones

Most men don’t give nearly as much thought to how the clothes they wear go together, as do women; and quite often, it really doesn’t matter because they kinds of clothes that are available for men to buy are all rather coordinated for them.  

Unfortunately, other times it does, and that’s why men need to sometimes put their life on pause for a moment to take a serious look at how they dress and how the world is perceiving them.

Let’s face it, people judge one another, they just do and there is no getting around it. And that would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that how others see you can affect your career, your personal relationships and your life in general. Sloppy dressers don’t get the big promotions and quite often aren’t given the respect they may feel they deserve in their personal relationships; and when they go out into the world, others tend to treat them as second class citizens.

This is why you need to carefully consider your appearance on occasion and to make some changes if you’re not satisfied with how you look.

For men, there are basically four main types of ensembles: the suit, business wear, casual, and relaxed.

We all know about the suit; the official uniform of the upper echelons of society. The style tips here are very simple. Don’t buy or wear a cheap suit, and when you buy one, buy at a men’s store and allow the guy that sells it to you to help you. That’s it.

Business wear on the other hand is both more and less flexible. Men should wear slacks even if jeans are allowed because unless you’re built like a model, jeans look sloppy. Slacks for work should always be dark, and should fit nicely and be worn with a belt that goes with them; if you’re not sure, ask a sales person. Shirts should almost always be button down; leave the pullovers for less casual times. Shirts should have a long enough tuck that they aren’t  constantly in need of re-tucking, and should be of one color, generally somewhat lighter in color than the slacks, but never bright. They should have a good collar too, preferably with buttons. Shoes should be something made of leather, and should lace up.

Casual wear is what you wear when you’re neither at home, nor at work. It can be the same business attire you wear to work, but it can also be a little less formal. Only wear pullovers if you don’t have a gut. Also oversize tee shirts should only be worn at home. In general, try to look presentable when you go out, as others will treat you better which will cause you to feel better about yourself. Jeans are okay, but best if worn with a shirt that tucks in. If you have trouble with the fit, wear a belt. As for shoes, unless you are wearing obviously expensive clothes, tennis shoes look weak. Wear shoes that are made of leather and that lace up.

And finally, the relaxed style. Clearly you should be able to feel comfortable when at home and should be able to wear whatever you want. This is true. But what’s also true is that unless you live alone, those people that live with you will also be judging you by how you present yourself; and that’s important, because it sets patterns for your kids, and has some small part in how attractive your wife or girlfriend finds you.


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