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Sunday, 01 January 2012 00:00

Written by Yvette Durham

Healthy skin is an essential component for optimum health. Fundamentally it is the largest human organ and acts as your body's first line of defense against bacterial infections and the harsh environment.  

The benefits of healthy skin are tenfold; perhaps amongst the most advantageous are how aesthetically pleasing glowing, radiant skin looks. With the know-how we now have at our fingertips plus the revolutionary products that are hitting the market by force, healthy skin is a luxury we can all afford.

1) Keep your skin cleansed by washing thoroughly and regularly. When showering or bathing avoid using overly hot water as this can lead to scolds. If you suffer from dry skin opt for a shower as soaking in a bath can contribute to dryness.

Sponges are advisable, for they exfoliate your skin whilst extricating dirt in the process.

For very dry skin try Olay Body Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter. If you prefer natural ingredients sample Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash.

2) Moisturize after washing. If time is of the essence try an in-shower moisturizer such as Olay In-Shower Body Lotion.3) Exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Select an exfoliator specifically for your face too such as Olay Regenerist's Daily Regenerating Cleanser or Lancme's Exfoliance Clarte.

4) Use a sunscreen to protect any exposed skin. Thankfully many face moisturizers, foundations and even eye creams have an added SPF factor.

5) Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice a day. Virtually every skin care brand do a range of cleansers, toners and moisturizers that are perfect for dry, aging, combination, oily or normal skin types.

Use a separate day and night moisturizer. Aloette offer an excellent range for dry skin, including Maximum Moisture Complex. For the prevention of aging try the much hyped Aveeno Positively Ageless Night Cream.

6) The skin around the eyes is the thinnest. Neglect of the eyes can lead to pre-mature wrinkling, dryness, sagging and puffiness. Invest in an eye cream or gel to combat these symptoms. Clinique's All about Eyes is a favorite or to tackle the signs of aging, Aloette's Lift and Glow Prep.

7) Treat your skin to a facial every month if possible. If you suffer from acne or sun-damaged skin this is even more so advisable.

8) Hands and feet need extra TLC too. Once a month indulge in a manicure and pedicure at a salon. Alternatively you can buy a homecare kit from any drug or departmental store.

9) Your skin and pores need a chance to breathe so avoid wearing makeup to bed. Luckily makeup wipes render this an easy and quick task and often tone and moisturize as well as cleanse.

10) Get rid of old makeup which can harbor bacteria and germs. Pay particular attention to eye products such as mascara and eyeliner.

11) Ensure you get 8-9 hours of sleep every night to promote a healthy glow, avoid sunken, grey eyes and a dulling complexion.

12) Drink plenty of water, approximately 6-8 glasses a day to properly hydrate your skin. Try to limit your caffeine intake of drinks such as coffee, tea and coke.

13) Enrich your skin with essential fatty acids such as salmon and avocadoes. Grapes, tomatoes, whole wheat bread, brazil nuts and tuna are all effective in promoting healthy skin cells too.

14) Smoking and excessively drinking alcohol leads to pre-mature aging of the skin therefore drink moderately and stop smoking.

15) Make regular exercise a part of your weekly regime. We all know the numerous health bonuses' we gain from it but did you know that exercise rids of toxins in the body? This then improves the production of collagen and the delivery of nutrients for increased circulation.

Healthy skin is activated by not only the products we invest in but also the time and lifestyle changes we choose to adopt. We can all take measures to improve the condition of our skin. After all, think of all our skin does to protect us.


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