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Sunday, 10 June 2012 00:00

Written by Charlotte

I consider myself a professional woman - part of which, for me, involves picking the perfect perfume.  

I spent years trying to explain to my mother just why she should make an effort to pick the right perfume, and then pay through the nose for it! But, after one day forcing her to come with me when I was selecting a new perfume for myself and making her pick one herself, she was lucky enough to find her new favourite perfume under the christmas tree.

And now she gets it! It's a small indulgence that you can enjoy every day. The truth is, even if it may be ridiculously pricey, a good bottle of perfume should last you awhile. Especially as, unlike some lower quality perfumes, good quality means needing to use less!

So, now I've told you why I think every woman should have a well-selected good quality perfume, I'll tell you how I go about picking mine!

1) Sniff! I usually go to a specialist perfume store, or a large department store, where I'll find the biggest range! I definitely recommend getting one of the assisstants to help you out, and basically, the way it generally will work, is sniff a few perfumes to give them a general idea of what you will like, then repeat the process as they get a more specific idea of what you like and you slowly but surely narrow it down to a few contenders!

2) Coffee! Mhmm, but not for drinking! A good perfume retailer will have coffee beans on hand for you to smell in between each perfume sample. Don't ask me why, but it clears out the previous perfume perfectly, so you will be able to smell the next one without an adulteration! Very important, since you'd be none too pleased to take home a perfume and find it smells totally different the next day!

3) Try Before You Buy! Speaking of smelling totally different the next day, your own body will alter the fragrance at least slightly. So, wear no perfume when you go perfume shopping, and when you think you've narrowed it down to 'the one!', apply it and wear it for at least a few hours before you make the decision! This is also the perfect opportunity for you to see how long lasting the perfume is, if you're going to have to wear half the bottle at a time, or reapply every hour - you're not going to want to be spending $100 a bottle! And, of course, on the off chance you may have an allerigc reaction to something in the perfume, you'll know before you've already bought the perfume and find you just can't use it!

4) Decision Time! This step pretty much speaks for itself - if you still feel that the perfume is right for you, go for it! If you don't feel that it's right (which is not particularly uncommon, either, so don't feel silly!) go back and try again with one of the other perfumes that really caught your fancy!

Now, a couple more things I'd keep in mind;

- A bottle of perfume should probably last for awhile, so if anything about the frangrance puts you off, think twice.

- You'll normally have a choice in which size bottle to purchase. There's plenty of deciding factors, such as expense, but, personally, I tend to go for the middle size. I don't necessarily want to be wearing the same perfume for the next 3 years - everyone needs a change sometimes!

- So you're already on to a good thing, huh? You love your perfume so why change? My mother said the same, until she gave it a chance. Remember, a change can be as good as a holiday and your perfume can say a lot about you - are you exactly the same person as you were when you picked your current favourite? Maybe it's time for a change and besides, sniffing doesn't have to lead to buying if you don't want to!

So what are you waiting for? Get sniffing! I have no doubt you'll smell great, whatever you end up choosing!


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