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Saturday, 28 July 2012 00:00

Written by Tami B. Nantz

Most people would agree that shopping for sunglasses can be a daunting task. Size, shape, style and brand matter, making this task as fun and stressful as shopping for the latest trend in clothing.  

Sunglasses have become an accessory as essential as any other when it comes to fashion, but none is more vital. Protecting the eyes from being burned by UV radiation makes shopping for this piece of "bling" a very important task. 

In an effort to make your job just a little easier, I found a few sites you may want to consider as you shop:

  • Fashion

For men and women alike, fashion tends to be most important thing when shopping for eyewear. While we want protection for those baby blues, we want to make sure we look good while we're doing it.

-At the top of the list when it comes to both technology and trend, Suncloud Polarized Optics tops the list– offering “a modern blend of sleek, stylish frames fused with hi-tech, high-performance lenses”.  

-When it comes to fashion, nobody does it better for the ladies than Betsey Johnson. Funky, retro and sometimes just plain wacky, she has it all.

-“Founded in the streets of youth culture”, when it comes to fashion for the guys, look no further. If 'tough-guy' is the style you're looking for, Anarchy may just be your thing. 

-Even the Maui Jim website is a feast for the eyes. One of my personal favorites, if you're looking for trendy glasses with the clearest lens you've ever experienced, look no further. 

 -We cannot leave our kids out of the mix, so when we went searching for the hottest trends for our little ones, Roxy and Quicksilver topped the list. Best place to find both? Check out Zappos. You absolutely cannot beat the prices.

  • Sports/Eye Protection

Nothing is more fun in the summertime than playing baseball or beach volleyball, and nothing is more irritating than the glare that can often mean the difference between a good game and a disastrous outcome. Protecting the eyes from both the danger of injury during play, and UV radiation, is equally important, and great eyewear can make all the difference.

-Providing the latest trends in both everyday wear and sportswear, Spy Optic offers their trademark Trident Polarized Lenses, which promise to get rid of the glare that so often plagues us even on a not-so-sunny afternoon.

-While Oakley offers the latest in every category I've listed, few offer a more radical look than their line of sportswear. 

-Smith Optics offers the trademark Piv-lock technology, allowing you to use a number of different lenses depending on your particular daily need. 

-Offering a number of different styles, Revo is also among the top contenders for sportswear. They even offer a line made of 100% recycled pre-consumer polymer resins for those who choose to live a "greener" lifestyle.

-Tifosi Optics offers a wide range of sports and other type sunglasses, but their latest line offers to enhance your game with the golf-specific lens technology. Among runners, they are top contender.

  • Contour

Face shape is everything in selecting eyewear, whether it be sunglasses or your regular prescription. Zappos offers the most extensive list we found when it comes to sunglasses, making it incredibly easy to combine your contour with your favorite brand.  Oval, oblong, round, square, narrow and heart shaped faces are all represented, so take your pick and start shopping!

Last, but not at all least, perhaps you're the more-typical-than-not kind of person who just cannot seem for the life of you to keep a pair of sunglasses. You wouldn't dare go and spend the amount of money most of the brands we've mentioned happen to charge, for fear you'd crush or lose them and waste all that green. Look no further. Stores like Target and JC Penney can hook you up for a fraction of the price a designer pair will cost you.  Still too expensive? Check out your local thrift shops, Walmart, or the Dollar Store-word is, you can find some pretty trendy looks there at very affordable prices.

Whether you're in the market for designer sunglasses, or just want a pair that looks good without the label, finding a good pair that meets your particular needs is very important. When you have a few years on you and those baby blues are still in good shape, you won't be sorry you did.


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