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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 09:24

Written by Staff

Hosted PBX boosts the odds that you'll convert a call into a sale.

At this 30-minute live webinar, you'll learn how new Hosted PBX calling features improve the chance of a sale—even before you answer the phone.


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Intermedia just announced significant enhancements to its Hosted PBX phone system. Please join us on Wednesday, October 10 at 1:00 pm ET, to see how these new calling features actually turn your phone system into a sales conversion tool.

This 30-minute live webinar will explore:

  • How to get callers talking to the right person as fast as possible
  • How to ensure customers never get stuck on hold
  • How to give customers a single number that rings to your office, your mobile, or any phone you choose
  • How unifying your phones and chat in your email cloud saves money and provides features that can speed sales even further

Plus: learn how to get a free desk phone and free conferencing dial-in number for every user when you sign up for Hosted PBX.



Learn how your phone system can improve sales:

Register for our 30-minute Hosted PBX live webinar




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